Court (Adalat)

In the eastern side there is a large courtyard (Sehan) Where victims of evil spirits and demons sit on Scheduled time of Darbar (Court) It presents a very amazing scene as someone is crying . Some one is weeping and some one is beating chest.

He who visits the shrine of Hazrat Makhdoom Simnani (R.A.) first time, wonders to see the scene of court (adalat) just like a worldly king. There is scheduled time of court (adalat) viz in the morning upto 7oclock in at 10 a.m. and in the evening after Asr’s prayer till Maghrib. Victims of asab & jinn (demons & evil sprits) and persons suffering from incurable dieases, attend the adalat observing principles laid down for this. It does not matter to sit and go away after the scheduled time; what matters is to attend the adalat (court) carefully with devotion and humbleness abiding by directions given by khadims and other learned persons. One should sit there silently reading rubai (couplet) of Hazrat Makhdoom Simnani (R.A.) and looking at tomb of Hazrat Makhdoom Simnani (R.A.) seeking his kindness and mercy on deplorable conditions. The victims should drink the water of neer sharif regularly with unshakeable belief (aqeda). The sehan (courtyard) of the shrine is not as spacious as to accomodate all the victims of asab & jinn (demons & evil sprits). Hence, people sit in everyside of the neer sharif at the time of adalat (court). The more one is sincere and firm in belief (aqeda), the more he gets from the Darbar of Hazrat Makhdoom Simnani (R.A.). There is no need of despair and suspicions in this court of Hazrat Makhdoom Simnani (R.A.) but once should have firm faith in the kindness and benedictions otherwise could be deprived of faiz-o-barkat (benedictions & bounties). This couplet should be recited

Ai Ashrafe Zamana, Zamane Madad Noma,
Darhai Basta Ra Za Kalide Karam Kusha.

Meaning: O Ashraf of the Universe help me for sometime; open the closed door by your key of kindness.