Shrine of Hazrat Sultan Syed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani ( R.A)

“Fountain head of General Munificence”

There are many shrines of Auliae Keram (Friends of Allah) where pilgrims throng to pay homage and seek blessings and benedictions . Amongst these shrines, the holy shrine of Hazrat Makhdoom simnani (R.A) is of great importance and famous in the world. It is the shrine of such a dignified personality of spirituality where fountain of knowledge and graciousness is gushing quenching thirst of seeker of reality and right path, Where the difficulties and anxieties of distressed and affilicted are being removed, where victims of evil spirits and demon (asebo zin) are being relieved of these embarrassing conditions; where candle of Ashrafe Simnani (R.A.) is illuminating the darkness of hearts and instilling the love of Allah and excessive passion of the founder of Islam (S.A.W); Where rain of munificence (Faizan) continues raining every moments; Where poor and rich , beggar and king are spreading their hands with tearful eyes . where one feels that he is in the court of a king where complains of complainants are being redressed. Therefore, it is essential to know its historical background, presence at the Shrine, methods of paying homage, how and where to stand to offer Fateha, how to seek blessings and how to abstain from doing anything contrary to Shariat ( Revealed law) and in the last celebration of annual urs.

Astana of Hazrat Sultan Syed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani ( R.A)

Historical background
It is a historical fact that deserting the throne of Simnan, He came to Pandawa Sharif , Bengal, India in the period of the ruler of tughlaque family. Hazrat Shaikh Alaul haque Waddin Ganje Nabat (R.A.) made him his disciple and made him reach on the peak of spirituality . On the direction of his Shaikh, He left for kichowacha Sharif passing through different places of Bihar and U.P. , At last , he arrived at his destined place, kichowcha Sharif engulfed in the darkness of infidelity. Facing all obstacles, he illuminated the candle of Islam and right path as a result of which in no time the darkness vanished and rays of Islam and its massages spread every where. Thousand of nonbelievers embraced Islam being impressed with his purity of character and unmatched spiritual greatness. Serving Islam and bringing millions of people on the right path, He left this world on 28th Moharram 808(A.H) One can calculate date of death from ” Ashaful Mumenin”

Construction of grave :

It is interesting and amazing to say that he got his grave constructed in his life time. He laid the foundation stone of his grave and placed in its foundation stone from Mecca brought by Hazrat Ruknuddin Sair (R.A.) within minutes. He asked to make grave with brick and it should be as wide and high that he could say prayer standing Hazrat Jamshed Qualandar was engaged in its construction for twelve years . Hazrat Noorul Ain (R.A.), Hazrat Shaikh Mohammad Durre yatim and Hazrat Shaikh Marauf Addwmwi also participated. He used to visit grave daily. In his last time he passed whole day and night in the grave and wrote Resalae Quabria and Basharatul Moridin. He also predicted that he who would come to his grave, he would get his desire. The date of its construction can be calculated from ” Arshe Akbar” 793.