Principles of Presence

It is essential to know how to be present at the Shrine of Auliae Keram ( revered friend of Allah ) It is seen that pilgrims throng the Shrine and commit an lawful acts quite contarary to Shariat ( revealaed law) resulting sin instead of blessings. It is true that Auliae Keram have been bestowed with unlimited spiritual powers by Allah and their pray does never return unfulfilled . Hence one should abide by the principle of presence so that it be in conformity with Shariate Islami (Islami Revealad law) and gain what he desires

(1) Before going to the door of Shrine perform Ablution (Wazu) and say two rakats of Tahatulwazu.

(2) Stay in front of the door of Shrine at some distance like a begger seeking permission to go in

(3) Then enter in to the Shrine with bended head and eyes with full discipline and stand in the right side of the grave. Offer Fateha reciting some Ayats of Holy Quran and Darud (Pray) on the Prophet of Islam (Sal Allaho Alaiyhe Wa Sallam) Pray with the means of friend of Allah saying, “O Allah remove my difficulties by the means of your friend.”

(4) If one wants to promise offering (nazr) , he should say so. ” O Allah I seek your kindness for the fulfillment of this work; If you fulfil my demand through the intercession of your friend I will sacrife such thing on your name.” Now this offering (nazr) only beggar and deserving for Zakat (charity) can use. If he prays without fixing offering (nazr) and he gets his aim, and feeds anything to any one is lawful.

(5) One should not remain in the chillah (forty day meditation) for more than forty days. To day it is seen that after completing one chillah another Chillah Starts. It is unnecessary to spoil time and money. Only one Chillah is enough for the redressal of complaints of evil spirits and demons. Chillah is not easy affair. It means struggle and remain engrossed in the memory of Allah by abstaining from unlawful things. Most of the pilgrims are victim of superstition and do works contarary to Shariat . One should not do all these superstitious works resulting loss instead of gain and obtaining blessing of the friends of Allah.