Urse Makhdoomi

Urs of Hazrat Sultan Syed Ashraf Makhdoom Simnani (R.A ) takes place in the Khanquahe Ashrafia Hasania Sarkare kalan with great pomp and show. Piligrims from different parts of India and abroad come in large number by road, by train and by plane. Khanquahe Ashrafia Hasania Sarkare kalan looks packed to the capacity. No place is left where there is no piligrims. All around the shrine of Hazrat Makhdoom Simnani (R.A) sea of human beings irrespective of caste and creeds appear chanting ya Makhdoom. All followers of Khanquahe Ashrafia Hasania are provided meals in their rooms from the night of 26th Moharram up to day of 29th Moharram. Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin supervises the management of Urs with great care in order to provide all amenities to the pilgrims of Hazrat Makhdoom Simnani (R.A). Everyone is impressed to see hospitability and sincerity.

The programme of Urse Makhdoomi is scheduled and well organized. Every programme is held according to the customs and time fixed for it.

Following are programmes of Urse Makhdoomi

26th Moharram :-
a) Hosting of Ashrafi Flag in front of Maulana Ahmad Ashraf Hall after Asr prayer
b) Khatme Bukhari Sharif at Maulana Ahmad Ashraf Hall after Asr by Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin.
c) Halqa-e-Zikr after Maghrib at Ala Hazrat Ashrafi Masjid by Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin.
d) Mehfil-e-Sama (Qawwali) after isha prayer.
27th Moharram : –
a) Mehfil-e-Sama (Qawwali) from 10 am to 1.p.m.
b) Procession of Moe Mubarak from Kichowcha sharif at 2.30 p.m It reaches in the Khanquah at 4 p.m.
c) Ziyarat of Moe Mubarak by Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin in the ground of Khanquah.
d) Function of Dastare Fazilat after Isha prayer and speeches by eminent learned man takes place.
28th Moharram : –
a) Mehfil-e-Sama (Qawwali) from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
b) Procession of Lebas-e-Ghousia from Kichowcha Sharif to Khanquah-e-Ashrafia Hasania with Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin sitting in Palanquin with Lebas-e-Gausia. It reaches to Khanquah at 4 p.m.
c) Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin puts on Khirquah (patched garments) and after procession starts where piligrims see him in Khirquah (patched garments) with due respect. Qul and Fateha take place. In the last Wali Ahad Janashin reads Shijrah (Pedigree) and prays to Allah with the intercession of Hazrat Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (R.A) with tearful eyes for all pilgrims in such an effective manner that everyone weeps. The extracts of Duaa is noted in his own words:

Summary of Quaid-e-Millat’s Duaa (Prayer) on 28th Moharram

“O, the pilgrims of Urse Makhdoomi! Raise not only your hands for prayer but also bend your hearts in love and submission to Allah in this Maulana Ahmad Ashraf Hall today. O Allah! We seek your help and guidance for good actions, Show us right path and forgive our known and unknown sins. O Moula! We are repentant on our great and small sins and sincerely seek your forgiveness, and vow not to commit sin any more. O Allah! Today bestow on us that Faizan which you bestow in Arafat on 9th Zilhijjah on Hujjaje Keram (revered pilgrims); you are the most merciful, mercy on us; you are the greatest kind, show your kindness on us. O Allah! These are slaves of your beloved, Hazrat Makhdoom Simnani (R.A.) Whom they have made their intercessor to you to seek your blessings and kindness.

Addressing Hazrat Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (R.A.), he says. “O Ashraf! Look at these afflicted, tortured and embarrassed men who have come from different corners of the world with firm belief that they will not return empty handed; they had been waiting for this day that on the occasion of your Urs, their all difficulties will be removed and will get their hearty aims, O Ashraf! O my helper! If you will not give them, where will they go?, who is their helper except you; your generosity and bounties are unlimited, give them more than their demand. O Ashraf! I salute your bounty, I salute your kindness, I salute your bounty. Munificence and I salute your caress.

O Ashraf! Look at these helpless and dejected persons raising their hands with tearful eyes. Today your sea of kindness is gushing, mercy on their deplorable condition; endow for the sake of your beloved Noorul Ain (R.A.), Hazrat Syed Hasan Ashraf (R.A.), Hazrat Qulandar Baksh, Hazrat Mansab Ali and Ala Hazrat Ashrafi Mian (R.A.); these insane and beggars demand the Sadqua (boon) of Hazrat Makhdoomul Mashaikh (R.A.) O Makhdoom! Look at your Janashin, who has put on the khirquah (Patched garment), raising his hand. O Ashraf! Your Janashin is a precious asset for us, grant him long life and May Allah perpetuate his shadow on us for a long time. O the followers of silsila Ashrafia ! make sure that Hazrat Makhdoom Simnani will not deprive you today ; you will return with your desires fulfilled . Now Say Ya Ashraf, Ya Ashraf, Ya Ashraf.

In fact, it is the climax of Urse Makhdoomi. He who attended this prayer got their aims and he who missed it lost the golden opportunity. Impression of the prayers of is so appealing to heart and mind that whole Hall weeps bitterly repainting on their sins and making vow not to commit sin any more.”

d) Mehfil-e-Sama (Qawwali) after isha prayer throughout night is held.

29th Moharram :
a) Last Qul and Fateha in the old hall of Sajjadah Nashin.
b) Mehfil-e-Sama (Qawwali) for one hour and ends with the pray of Hazrat Sajjadah Nashin.