Old Building
With the establishment of the Jame Ashraf in Khanquahe Ashrafia, Hazrat Sheikh-e-Azam did not take rest even for a while, but continued his endeavor with firm determination to get the buildings of Jame Ashraf constructed as early as possible in order to fulfill the dream of his grand father, Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Ashraf (R.A.). To achieve his end, he did not go door to door to collect fund as other founders of any institution do, but he choose his own way of achieving his desired goal. After starting education in the room of Khanquah, he went to Baghdad Sharif on 25th Shawwal 1398 (AH) to seek the blessings and bounties of Hazral Ghousul Azam (R.A.) for Jame Ashraf. He presented his Cherished demand Viz Jame Ashraf with tearful eyes. It is true that no one returns without getting their objectives; how could he have returned empty handed from Baghdad. He returned fully satisfied and got the foundation stone of Jame Ashraf laid by the Pious hands of Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Syed Mukhtar Ashraf Sajjadah Nashin on 27th Moharram (1399) AH; and within one year construction work completed and teaching started in the building of Jame Ashraf. This old building consists of forty two spacious rooms including attached teachers room and hostel for students. Everybody expected that Jame Ashraf will continue running in the rooms of Khanquah for many years; but Hazrat Shaikhe Azam Syed Izhar Ashraf Sahibe Sajjadah proved that nothing was difficult and impossible if one worked with sincerity and zeal having faith on Allah. and on benedictions of Aulia (Friends of Allah).

New Building of Jame Ashraf
With the growing numbers of students reading in Jame Ashraf, the old building became insufficient and the need for a magnificent and spacious building was felt. As a result, Hazrat Shaikh-e-Azam Maulana Syed Izhar Ashraf Sahebe sajjadah laid the foundation. Stone of this building naming Darul Hadith on 27th Moharram 1423 A.H. Hazrat Nazime Aala, Syed Mahmood Ashraf was announcing the foundation laying ceremony in such an attractive manner that fund for this huge building came in hand by the bounty of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) After urse, work was started and now it is fully complete in all respects. This building is Triple storeyed consisting of eighteen spacious rooms having the capacity of one hundred students in each room. It is nothing but the result of sincerity and sacrifices of Hazrat Shaikh Azam.

New Hostel
As the old hostel became quite inadequate to accomodate the large number of students, the need for a new large hostel attracted the attention of Hazrat Shaikha Azam. Without having fund for this huge building, he laid the foundation stone of the hostel on 27th Moharram 1421 (A.H) followed by Nazime Ala Maulana Syed Mahmood Ashraf and some other dignitaries in presence of large gatherings of followers. After laying the foundation stone, he raised hand, for prayer and ended it saying, Ba haq-e-Khwaja Osman Harooni – Madad kun ya Moinuddin Chishti with tearful eyes; It so happened that the Faiz (Bounty) of Kheaja Gharib Nawaz got it completed only in one year. It is Triple storey consisting of 42 rooms where students reside.

Maulana Ahmad Ashraf Hall
It is a fact that every educational institution has a large and spacious hall where functions of different types take place. After completing Ala Hazrat Ashrafi mosque, he made planning to construct a magnificent hall attributing it with the name of his grand father, Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Ashraf (R.A.) As usual he presented his planning for its construction before Makhdoom-ul Mashaikh (R.A.) whose joy knew no bound to know his praiseworthy programme. At once, he handed over fifty thousand rupees for it and encouraged him to start the work as early as possible. Hazrat Shaikhe Azam Sahibe sajjadah did not lose time and got the foundation stone laid by Hazrat Makhdoomul Mashaikh (R.A) on the occasion of urse Makhdoomi in 1987 AD. in order to perpetuate the name of his grand father and fulfill the need of Jame Ashraf and Khanquahe Ashrafia Hasania Sarkare Kalan It is a masterpiece of all buildings of Jame Ashraf. Its architectural beauty and elavation is so attractive and dazzling that compel the visitor to say it the Taj Mahal of Madrasas. Its front elevation, its wideness, its dome like the dome of Khwaja and its exquisiteness in every respect are testimony to the architectural brain of Hazrat Shaikhe Azam, Sajjadah Nashin. It is triple storey housing Mokhtar Ashraf library, Ashraf Hossain Museum Darul Ifta on first floor, rooms for research scholars on 2nd floor, a spacious hall on the ground floor. It short, Maulana Ahmad Ashraf Hall is a multipurpose building which may compete the buildings of eminent universities of India.

Mukhtar Ashraf Library
It is an accepted fact the library is the part and parcel of any educational institution without which institutions can’t be said complete and well developed. After the Jame Ashraf came in to existence and started imparting education, Hazrat Shaikhe Azam felt the need of a large and wellfurnished library to cater to the needs of students reading in Jame Ashraf and provide facilities of study to all those who are fond of study and Research work.

He framed the map and design of Mukhtar Ashraf library on the first floor of Maulana Ahmad Ashraf Hall. The libray is in function for six years. Now it is well furnished with a reading hall, a spacious hall for books, an office room a photostat room and some rooms for research fellows. With the endeavour of Hazrat Shaikhe Azam Sahebe Sajjadah and efforts of wali Ahad Janashin Maulana Sayed Mahmood Ashraf, the library has books on all subjects and some manuscripts.

At present the library has fourteen thousand five hundred books on different subjects and different languages which has been kept according to the modern method of library. The number of manus eripts is four hundred six in which some manuscripts are very important viz:

(1) Makhubate Ashrafi
(2) Tahquequate Ishque by Nizame Yamani
(3) Ghunia tuttalebin
(4) Bahare zakkhar in four volumes
(5) Diary of Syed Shah Ashraf Hossain.

List of book on some important subjects, are as follows:-
(1) Quran and Olume Quran – 258
(2) Hadith 1079
(3) Tafseer – 676
(4) Fiquah – 1134
(5) Fatawa – 486
(6) English – 298
(7) Usule Fiqha – 90
(8) History – 856
(9) Radde Monozra – 663
(10) Diwan – 611
(11) Arabic literature 270
(12) Seerat – 1674
(13) Tasavvuf – 598
(14) Tazkera – 596
(15) Dictionary – 145
(16) Urdu Literature – 154

This library has a manuscript of the Holy Qurran translated in Persian by sultan Syed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (R.A) Besides these, 25 Journals on different languages are available every month here.

This library has been visited by eminent scholars and they have written their impressions praising the efforts of Hazrat Shaikhe Azam for it as this library can compete great library of any university in India.

If books are lying in your cupboard donate it here.

Masjide Ala Hazrat Ashrafi
After the old building of Jame Ashraf was completed he felt the need of a large and spacious Mosque as Madrasa, Masjid and Khanquah are three important wings of Islam. Allama Iqbal writes :-

“Khusha Masjido Madrasa Khanquahe ke dar wai Bowad Quilo Quale Mohammad “

Meaning :- what a good is that Masjid Madras and Khanquah where conversation of Mohammad (peace be upon him) takes place.

For this reason, he got the foundation stone laid by Hazrat Maulana Syed Mokhtar Ashraf Sajjadah Nashin (R.A.) in 1982 and made all efforts to complete it soon. As a result of his untiring endeavor, the construction of this Masjid completed very soon. Hazrat Shaikhe Azam has designed it in such an exquisite manner that one enjoys the manifestation of Masjid-e-Nabwi and Gumbade Khizra (Green dome) at Khanquahe Ashrafia because Minaret and domes of this mosque resemble of Minaret and dome of Madina Munawwarah. In the southern and northern side of varanda of this mosque the model of Harame Mecca and Harame Madina has been placed to see which every one is lost in the world of Mecca and Madina.

This mosque has the capacity of nearly one thousand prayers at a time May Allah bless the designer and maker of this mosque and grant him long life.

Sanjida Family Quarter
Sanjida Family Quarter has been made for the teachers of Jame Ashraf Where they can reside with their family. It is triple storeyed having attached bath rooms and kitchen. This type of facility for teacher is not available in any Madrasa.

Noorul Ain Park
Noorul Ain Park is in the centre of Masjid, Madrasa and Khanquah. It looks vey attractive and beautiful. It is related to Hazrat Syed Shah Abdur Razzaque NoorulAin (R.A.) There is an exquisite fountain in the centre of 10/10 reservoir surrounded by grassy roads beside which flowers are blooming. Prayers perform ablution (wazu) in the reservoir of this park. It has added beauty and charming to Jame Ashraf, Masjid and Maulana Ahmad Ashraf Hall. Students sit in the lawn of this park and enjoy recreation. Everyone is captivated to see its dazzling beauty. A number of pages can be written to explain its beauty and splendor.